​Job Application Letter Assignment

Job Application Letter Assignment

The purpose of a job application letter is to make the employer recognize your value as a prospective employee. Your focus should be on how your skills can help the employer reach their company goals. Your letter should focus on how you can help the company rather than focus solely on the factual information present in your resume. You want to explain why it would be in the employer’s best interests to hire you. Even one mechanical error in your letter may be enough to knock you out of the running, and, for the purpose of this assignment, reduce your final score.


Find an actual advertisement for an opening in your field. Write a job application letter to respond to the advertisement. Include a copy of the job advertisement or on-line posting. (If you cannot find an advertisement that requests a written response, you may use any advertisement that lists the skills required for the job. Write a cover letter, even if the ad does not request one. Research to find an address is none is given, or, if you cannot find an address, you may make one up in order to be able to correctly format a full block style letter.)

Submit the following:

  1. A full block style job application letter (see the examples in the textbook)
  2. A copy of the advertisement

FORMAT: 12 point font, single-space, flush left with blank line between paragraphs (do not indent paragraphs), standard full block style letter format. Save file as a .doc or.docx file (do not save as .wps, .pdf, zip, or .odt).

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