1. Using the principles of CBPR, develop a logic model for a program.

Read Chapter 3.

• Read Gonzalez et al.’s 2011 article, “Community-Based Participatory Research and Policy Advocacy to Reduce Diesel Exposure in West Oakland, California,” from American Journal of Public Health, volume 101, supplement 1, pages S166–S175.

Consider the following case: Community members want to address the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in their community.

They ask you as a researcher to help them learn about the risk factors for transmitting STDs and evidence-based programs available for reducing those risks.

1. Using the principles of CBPR, develop a logic model for a program.

2. Integrate appropriate measures and evidence-based practices into the program.

3. Discuss appropriate measures for evaluating community buy-in and potential outcomes.


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