2 of the following questions

The first essay exam assessed your knowledge about the first half of the semester. This essay exam will evaluate your knowledge about the last seven weeks, but also the class as a whole.

Thus, this exam will require you to answer two questions in one essay (one essay that is about 4-5 pages long).

This semester, we have spent a lot of time learning the history, theories, processes and political implications of global communication. This essay will help see whether you can make the big connections between this course’s themes and theories.

Please write an essay responding to the following questions. I have provided additional comments/questions below each main question. These are just tips that will provide you with more clarity regarding the expectations.

Answer the following questions in a coherent essay that includes an introduction/thesis and conclusion. Make sure to use evidence from lessons/examples, reading materials, and films and current examples. Use this essay, also, to further expand our conversations. Consider how these dialogues have added to your knowledge/perspectives.

Also, make sure to use course material from the entire semester.

Your essay in total should be no longer than 5 pages and no shorter than 4 pages. You will get points taken off for submitting an exam with more than 5 pages or less than 4.

Please make sure that your essay is not simply opinion-based. Support your claims with specific evidence. You should make direct references (cited correctly) to course material (including sufficient class examples). You need a bibliography in APA style, and also use in-text citations to indicate where you received your information.

1) Regarding what you have learned about the history and theories of international communications, what lesson do you think we should take from this course about media and influence/power, especially regarding politics and international relations?

To answer these questions, consider the following:

How does studying international communication contribute to our knowledge/ perceptions/opinions about our position and place in the world?

What are the roles of propaganda, neo(colonialism), and the growth of capitalism on international communications?

2) What have you learned about international communications in relation to understanding cultural and economic power as well as the construction of knowledge? Use this section to address the last four weeks of class.

Consider the following, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these ideas:

How do we know what we know? How do we create and absorb knowledge about international affairs, politics, etc.?

Consider some of the concepts that we have talked about in the last part of the semester: imperialism, globalization, soft power, scientific racism, etc.

What are the relationships between globalization, development, music, television and film?

Formatting Criteria

Minimum of 4 pages but no longer than 5 pages (12-point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins)

Cite your sources. Include a bibliography in APA style.

Proofread your work!

Reference the rubric posted on Angel and the Lesson Commentary

Save your file as “Last name_First name”

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