3 Page Technology Change Proposal

Use a template to create a 3-4-page proposal that addresses a technology change in an organization.

One benefit of an integrated electronic health record (EHR) is the ability to extract information as needed. Clinical reminders and alerts are two examples of the output from technology designed to support or build clinical decisions. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research andQuality (n.d., para. 5):

Computer-based clinical decision support systems (CDSS) are broadly defined as systems that provide clinicians with clinical knowledge to enhance patient care and patient safety. Individualized, intelligently filteredinformation is provided to health care providers or patients at predetermined times or on demand.

For instance, a patient is seen in the primary care office, and at check-in, the office nurse logs into the patient’s health record. Immediately a note pops up to remind the staff to update the medication profile at this visit. Another alert signals that it is time for an annual eye exam.

In another room in the clinic, a patient’s blood pressure is measured on a digital device, and the results are wirelessly transmitted to the patient’s database. The health assistant no longer has to write the value down, locate the paper chart, and record the value on the correct graph. By the time the nurse practitioner enters the exam room, the data is available for review, complete with a digital note that a refill is needed for the antihypertensive medication. When technology integrates seamlessly with the provider’s workflow, health care becomes more efficient, safe, and satisfying.

While effective clinical decision support systems can streamline patient care, the adoption of such systems can be troublesome. A robust EHR, approved clinical algorithms, and a supportive infrastructure must all be in place. Furthermore, alerts and alarms are only effective when providers pay attention to the message.

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