510 Week 6 Response to Presentation.

510 Week 6 Response to Presentation.

Due date 08/12/2020 5 pm ET

1. In your rebuttals, argue against the position they have taken. Provide evidence in your rebuttals- why do you oppose their viewpoint?

1. References and APA style.

Rebuttal Rules

· You can choose a text or a video response.

· No personal attacks or name calling. Add emojis if needed. Remember that tone comes across differently online and in text.

· Do not use all CAPS and remember that the person’s stance may not be their personal views. Argue the evidence, not the person.



1- Topic : Mead Marijuana Legalization Opposed

Example:Why we should legalize the Marijuana.


Leticia Rojas

2- Topic: Having an abortion is killing a child regardless on when it is performed

Example: Having an abortion should be allow, for some circumstances.


3Topic: Children Do Not need to be vaccinated; it should be up to the parents

Example: The importance of vaccination, some parent do not have the knowledge, results can be devastating.

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