A description of how a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Development (OPD)

A description of how a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Development (OPD)
Certain concepts are fundamental to your study at Walden and to your professional practice.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Define in your own words “the profession of psychology” and “professional practice.” I wrote the links below.
Summarize briefly for yourself the main ethical standards appropriate to the practice of Organizational Psychology and Development (OPD). use link below
Think about the connections between and among your specialization, professional practice, professional excellence, and academic excellence, and how academic integrity relates to each one.
With these thoughts in mind:
In 1 page write a description of how a master’s degree in OPD will help you attain your goals in the profession and practice of psychology. Also describe how you will achieve academic and professional excellence that reflects adherence to ethical standards.
Please read and view the following Learning Resources before you complete this week’s Discussion and Application assignments for PSYC 8000.
The following Web sites provide information related to the practice and profession of psychology:
American Psychological Association (APA): http://www.apa.org/
APA Divisions-General Information and Listings: http://www.apa.org/about/division/index.aspx
Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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