accounting principles 2 1

Writing Project and Presentation


You are a manager and are required to prepare a budgeted balance sheet and income statement for the upcoming year. The owner would like you to also analyze the budget using ratio analysis. Finally, you will present your proposal, using presentation software, at the annual meeting. Remember if you cannot defend your budget and ratios you will not have your budget approved.


Course objective(s) covered: 2 and 7


Based on your readings, use of technology, literature, and other sources do the following:

  • Give a brief description of a company of your choice
  • Prepare a budgeted balance sheet and income statement for the company you have identified using Excel as an exhibit.
    • Be sure to include at least 3 fixed or long term assets (with related depreciation)
  • In a memo to the owner, discuss the budget and meaning of the ratios you have selected.
    • You must include at least 6 ratios learned in class.
  • Discuss any ethical issues relating to preparing a budget



  • You will be using Excel to prepare your budget and calculating your ratios and embed them into the Word document as an exhibit
  • You will be presenting your findings to the class the last week using some type of visual and audio presentation software.
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