Action Plan Assignment

Part 1:

Review the Treatment Plan Guide in the Recommended Resources for this module. Use it as a template for this assignment.

Identify a firsthand account of a person in an underrepresented group (racial, ethnic, class, etc.). Firsthand account might include interviews, movies books or Youtube videos.

Describe the experience as a member of an underrepresented group based on the firsthand account.

Examine the strengths and challenges specific to that experience.

Develop a treatment plan, including a system-based therapeutic approach, i.e., Solution- Focused Brief Therapy. Identify both the strengths and challenges of the target population.

Part 2:

Describe the strength and challenges you might have working with this client given what you have learned about yourself and your family of origin in the course.

Reflect on what additional work you need to do to improve your ability to connect with diverse and underrepresented populations.

Develop an action plan for how you anticipate improving in the above described areas.

Compile Parts 1 and Part 2 into a single document, 8-10 pages in length. Include material from the course reading throughout the paper.


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