address any comments made by your instructor regarding your Unit 6 paper (Assignment #2).

PA310 Unit 8 Assignment Completed Memo:

The completed memo is comprised in part of the Research Assignments completed by you in Units 3 and 6. The Final Assignment (with Units 3 and 6) should be at 8–10 pages in length (double spaced).

Unit 8 Assignment Directions PA310 

Recall that the facts are as follows: You are presently working as a paralegal in a large law firm in San Diego, California. Your supervising attorney, Janet Jones, has called you into her office to discuss a new client’s case with you. John and Bunny Sherman have a 15‐ year old son named Robert. John and Bunny want to bring suit against the Church of the Divine Light. It is not actually related to any organized church. The parents allege that Robert was tricked into attending some meetings. One night about a year ago, Robert was getting ready to return home after one of their youth meetings when the organizer of the youth retreat, Tom Marsden, allegedly made numerous false excuses for keeping Robert there. Finally, Tom Marsden said to Robert, “If you leave, you will be thrown into the eternal fires of hell, and you will not be allowed back.” Hearing that, Robert remained at the church. The next day Tom Marsden had Robert write a letter to his parents telling them that he was going to stay with the church as they were his “new family”, and that he needed to demand money from his parents to cover his expenses. Robert remained with the church for about 6 months. The parents arranged to meet with Robert to give him his money for that month and pulled him into the car and brought him home. They watched him carefully for about two weeks, but he finally came out of the “brainwashing.” Assignment Directions

Be sure to address any comments made by your instructor regarding your Unit 6 paper (Assignment #2). 2. Add your Unit 8 Assignment to your Units 3 and 6 papers. 3. Cite to your research (case law, civil statute, or American Jurisprudence 2nd) using the Bluebook 4. Analyze whether the church is vicariously liable for Tom Marsden’s conduct based on your research 5. Identify the damages for the Mr. and Mrs. Sherman and their son Robert. 6. FIRAC format is required. Page 1 of 1 School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Unit 8 Assignment Directions

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