Adolescent Healthcare

Teenagers go through varied physical, mental, emotional, and social changes. In today’s society, these adolescents face a range of developmental issues. Utilizing your learning from your readings and the South University Online Library, respond to the following questions:

In your opinion, what are the two most important factors that influence adolescent development?
In the Western culture, there are a variety of health services available for adolescents. What is missing in Western society that would benefit health promotion for adolescents?
How do the health problems faced by adolescents impact their health and wellness in their lifetimes?
Discuss how you would take the sexual history from an adolescent. Which areas would you need to address during your discussion with an adolescent?
.Adult family members, community leaders, religious and faith

groups, institutions and peers all influence young people and

their health and development Gender stereotypes also interfere with the professional judgement of health

workers concerning the sexual, reproductive and mental health both of adolescent

girls and of young people whose sexual orientation remains uncertain.

Associated sex-role stereotypes prevent women from even knowing they experience

discrimination, sexual coercion, exploitation or abuse

Poor adolescents bear a disproportionate burden of the health problems in their age group. Indicates a strong association between poverty and the health status of adolescents and between poverty and adolescents’ use of health services. Similar disparities between rich and poor adolescents are seen for indicators such as early marriage, skilled attendance at birth, use of contraception, and knowledge of HIV/AIDS transmission, and these disparities tend to be greater for adolescents than for older women (Lule et al., 2006).

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