African American Men and Stroke

MED 239
April 7, 2020
April 8, 2020

African American Men and Stroke

Prepare a 60-minute health teaching project for a targeted group of patients – specifying culture, ethnicity, age, and educational level. The teaching project will include three components: a) a teaching plan; b) sample script and c) a handout/brochure appropriate for the target audience. The assignment takes into consideration many of the elements of patient teaching that are discussed earlier in the semester (identifying a target audience, writing learning goals and behavioral objectives, developing teaching strategies, using teaching materials, evaluating of learning, working with low-low-literacy learners, using evidence-based research to inform patient-teaching) and serves as the signature assignment in this course. The assignment must also be submitted to e-Portfolio

1. The teaching plan should be for a 60-minute presentation and include the following:

    1.  identify the target audience in terms of culture, ethnicity, age, and educational level and state the overall goal of the teaching session
    2.  at least 5 measurable behavioral objectives
    3. detailed content outline – specific topics to be addressed
    4. a variety of teaching strategies appropriate for the target group – culture, ethnicity, age, and educational level
    5.  time allotted for each part of the content
    6. all types of instructional materials needed for the teaching session
    7. the specific method of evaluating the extent of learning that has at least 15 minutes allotted in the plan (Do not use a post-test evaluation).
    8. reference list from 5 peer-reviewed nursing journals 

2. A script of exactly what is planned to be said and done in the 60 minutes.

3. Provide a handout/brochure appropriate for the target audience culture, ethnicity, age, and educational level. The handout/brochure may be chosen from a quality internet source and should meet the following criteria:

    1. literacy level 5th to 8th grade
    2. visually appropriate/creative
    3. meets the current standard of care for the health issue of the target audience
  2. Centers for Disease control and Prevention (2019, July 25). Men and Stroke. Retrieved from
  3. the above link is the link i submitted for my teaching plan, you can use it as a reference. if you have any question let me know.
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