An Alleged Error in Scripture Preliminary Conclusions (Essay Sample)

Analyze an alleged error in Scripture. Choose a passage of Scripture where
an alleged error or contradiction is said to exist. Analyze the passage in this manner:
*step 1- state briefly the alleged error or contradiction
*step 2- summarize any preliminary conclusions you have based only on the text
Itself and any previous knowledge you have of the passage (do not use study
Bibles, commentaries, or “problem-solving” books in step 2)
*step 3- consult a study Bible, commentaries, “problem solving” books or internet
sites for other possible conclusions you did not mention in step 2 and summarize
your findings
*step 4- determine the best biblical response to the alleged error or contradiction
Please follow the steps in the order assigned! Your paper should a
minimum of 3 full pages, completed in MLA format. Include two cited work
Topic examples for Bibliology project:
– Luke 18:35 with Matthew 20:30 & Mark 10:46 (how many blind men at Jericho?)
– Matthew 1:1-17 with Luke 3:23-28 (two different genealogies of Jesus?)
– Matthew 27:9 with Zechariah 11:13 (this quote is from which prophet?)
– Leviticus 11:6 (does a rabbit chew its cud?)
– Matthew 4:1-11 with Luke 4:1-13 (what was the order of the temptations?)
– Matthew 21:1-9 with Mark 11:1-10 & Luke 19:28-40 (how many donkeys?)
– Psalm 68:18 with Ephesians 4:8 (isn’t this an inaccurate quotation?)
– 1 Samuel 21:1-6 with Mark 2:26 (who was the priest at Nob?)
– 2 Kings 24:8 with 2 Chronicles 36:9 (how many years did Jehoiachin reign?)
– 2 Samuel 24:13 with 1 Chronicles 21:12 (were there 3 or 7 years of famine

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