An Expert in Nursing Informtatics/ and writing and doing a GRAPH

An Expert in Nursing Informtatics/ and writing and doing a GRAPH
Project Plan

Your team has a year timeframe to plan and implement the electronic health record using the accompanying case scenario provided in the course. Construct a timeline for the year including the following. You may choose either an inpatient or ambulatory environment.
Project kick off
EHR Build Completion
Build Testing
Cutover (before go live- transition from paper to electronic)
Specific work groups needed and suggested participants
At least 3 additional important process milestones

Only one (1) scholarly resource is required for this assignment as informatics is rather new to the professional environment. This assignment requires an enormous amount of critical thinking skills to “think outside the box”. Envision yourself in your nursing professional role and needing to learn a new electronic system. What would work best for you and fit in the timeline? What are the major initiatives that the IT team should focus on? What could you not live without? What would be of greatest importance to include in the “new chart” at the point of transition, keeping in mind that staff will need to use both the paper chart and the new electronic chart for the optimal continuum of care until all inpatients are discharged. For those working in outpatient ambulatory clinics, discuss what information would be imperative to providing optimal care upon the patient’s next visit.
Applying the writing rubric in the course, please follow APA and include an introduction and conclusion to the assignment.
Case Scenario
You have a year to integrate a new electronic health record into a facility. Currently, the facility has a paper health record with the secretarial staff entering non- medication orders into an electronic system. Medication orders are faxed to the pharmacy department and entered by pharmacy staff. All other nursing and provider documentation is paper. Basic laboratory and radiology services are offered. All labs and radiology results print to the floors and are placed on the paper charts.
There are 100 beds.
Medical surgical- 1 unit – 20 beds
Obstetrics- 1 unit- 3 labor beds, 7- post-partum and a newborn nursery (10 beds)
(no NICU)
ICU- 15 beds
Emergency Room-10 beds
Ortho- 10 beds
Telemetry- 10 beds
Pediatrics- 5 beds
Emergency Department-10 beds
Operating Room Suites-5

Nursing staff (200 nurses total)

Most of the nursing staff can “float” between inpatient departments. Emergency department, operating room, and obstetrical staff do not float and none of the other staff float to those areas. Be sure to consider any additional training needed for specialty areas.

The EHR being implemented includes the following interactive modules: General med/surg, obstetrics, emergency, and operating suite. The med/surg module is the basis for the entire system with the others being “accessories” to the base system. Each of the accessory modules require specialized education and training.

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