An inspirational speech motivates an audience

An inspirational speech motivates an audience to improve personally, emotionally, professionally, or spiritually and relies heavily on emotional appeal. It brings the audience together in a mood of fellowship and shared desire, builds the audience’s enthusiasm, then proposes a change or plan and appeals to the audience to adopt this change or plan.Should write in below format:Introduction (about 30 seconds)The hook or Attention Getter or interesting idea to draw audience into topic (any of these)The Map or purpose of your speechThe Body (about 2.5 minutes)Stream 1 supporting or explaining  your topicSolid fact or head knowledge to support for your ideaStream 2 supporting or explaining your topicemotional support  (picture, story, personal experience, shocking statistic) or Heart        knowledge to support your ideaStream 3 if necessary or desiredConclusion (about 1 minute)Quick summaryA closing statement that “asks” the audience to embrace, use or join-in with your topic

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