Analysis of blood-brain barrier during dengue virus infection of some areas of human brain tissue

General Application Data
Project Name
(Character Limit: 100)
Grant Number
{For internal purposes only} Character Limit: 200
Total Budget
DIPI is awarding competitive research grants for up to three years and IDR 1.5b/year. Your total budget for the entire duration of the project may not exceed IDR 4.5 billion. Character Limit: 200
Duration of Your Project (in months)
Awards are expected to be made in December, 2016 at the latest. Project must be completed by December 31, 2019.
Character Limit: 200
Last Name of Principal Investigator
Character Limit: 200
First Name of Principal Investigator
Character Limit: 200
Highest Degree Obtained
Please select the highest academic degree received by the applicant (check one box only). Choices
Professional (IE: Apt.,dr.,drg,drh,Ir.,AK.,B.K.P … etc.)
Name of the Applicant’s Institution
Character Limit: 250
Work Mailing Address
Character Limit: 2000
Other current Professional A liation(s)
Character Limit: 1000
E-mail of the Principal Investigator
Character Limit: 250
Phone Number
Character Limit: 100
If you are not an Indonesian national, please specify your nationality: Character Limit: 200
Residency Status
Are you are a resident of Indonesia?: Choices
Please select the applicant’s gender Choices
Grant Focus Area
Please select the grant focus area under which your proposal falls (please select ONE focus area only) Choices
Identity, Diversity and Culture Life
Health and Nutrition
Biographical Sketch of Applicant
Please include academic background, overall research scienti c interests and goals Character Limit: 3000
How Did You Hear About DIPI’s Research call?
Character Limit: 250
Project Summary
The summary should be written for the comprehension of readers without technical expertise.
Brie y and clearly state the goals of the project, scienti c merit and the associated proposed activities; and describe the anticipated outcomes of the project.
Character Limit: 3000
Project Description
Prepare the project description with reference to the Section Review Process and criteria provided in the
end of this application form and the guidance provided in this and the preceding sections of this solicitation (speci cally Section 5: DIPI Scienti c Review Guidelines of the Grant manual). Please address the following parts of the proposal concisely (within the character limits listed) and include citations in the text with full references. List of references must later be uploaded in the Attachments section at the end of this application form. If needed, you may also upload up to a total of ve gures and/or tables for the entire proposal. Incomplete proposals and those not submitted in the required format will not be considered.
Summarize the scope of the technical and/or development challenge your research will address including issues relevant to both the local and international context.You can include in this section a brief summary of past work done on the proposed topic as well as any evidence gaps that your research will help ll. Character Limit: 5000
Project Objectives
Provide a clear statement of the research project objectives and/or research questions the project will address. It is important that the project objectives are reasonable for the proposed timeline.
Character Limit: 2500
Research Plan
Describe the project design, procedures, and analyses to be used to accomplish the speci c objectives of the project. If applicable,describe study populations and interventions. Discuss the potential di culties and
limitations of the proposed procedures and present alternative approaches to achieve the aims.
Character Limit: 10000
Scienti c Relevance
Explain to what extent does the proposed research and experimental design address important gaps in knowledge within the scienti c eld(s)/area(s) explored and DIPI Focus Areas
Character Limit: 2500
Broader Impacts
Explain to what extent will the proposed research enhance the infrastructure for research and education, such as facilities, instrumentation, networks, and partnerships? To what extent will the results be disseminated broadly to enhance scienti c and technological understanding? To what extent may the proposed activity bene t society?
Character Limit: 2500
Please list the merits of scienti c output of the research proposed in propelling future scienti c investigations. Describe the prospect and likelihood that the funding will enhance the investigator’s potential and commitment to productive independent scienti c research in the future. Finally, please show how the project will sustain itself past the award life-time.
Character Limit: 2500
Innovative Approaches
Explain how proposed concepts, approaches, methods, tools, or technologies used in your research may represent an innovative or novel approach.
Character Limit: 2500
Prior Experience and Relevant capabilities of the Principal Investigator
Brie y explain the quali cations of the applicant as they relate to the proposed project and illustrate how the project will build upon existing expertise. Later, an additional Letter of Laboratory Group Principal Investigator Agreement will be requested under the Attachments section of this application form.
Character Limit: 2500
List of Personnel
Please list all key personnel serving as co-Principal Investigator(s), Researcher(s) and Technical Sta . Key personnel are de ned as all individuals who will contribute in a substantive, meaningful way to the scienti c development or execution of the project, whether or not salaries are requested. Students and post-doctoral researchers should be included if they meet this de nition, as well as any other signi cant contributors. Include their names, last degree obtained and technical/scienti c role in proposed research project. Later, you will be asked to upload cVs of key personnel under the Attachments section of this application form. Members whereby salaries are requested will be required to include alongside their cVs an additional Letter of Laboratory Group Membership Agreement described in the Attachments section at end of this application form.
Character Limit: 4000
Describe collaborations with domestic and international partners.This includes in-country partners such as government ministries, non-governmental organizations, and research institutes/universities. connections
to private companies, international networks or resources, and international organizations should also be described if applicable. Explain the nature of these collaborations and describe what each partner will speci cally contribute to the Research Plan. If you do not have existing collaborations you may skip this entry. Character Limit: 4000
Provide examples of any seminars, workshops, conferences,or other training activities planned as part of
the project, including estimates of the numbers and types of people to be trained (undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, laboratory technicians,industry professionals, policymakers, and other stakeholders). For example: How many PhD Students and publications will be expected to graduate from
this research project?
Character Limit: 4000
16 DIPI MANUAL GRANT 2016 DIPI PROPOSAL APPLIcATION FORM Data Sharing and Dissemination Plan
Include a plan describing how the research ndings will be disseminated to key stakeholders and the broader scienti c community, e.g.,via publication of results, submission of information to publicly accessible databases, informational meetings for stakeholders, or via other means appropriate to your eld.
Character Limit: 3000
For the anticipated duration of the award, provide a list of major project activities and milestones along with the estimated time required to complete each. You may type in your timeline in the text area here or upload it later in the Attachments section of this application form if it is in a separate le, such as spreadsheet or graphical format.
Character Limit: 3000
Human Subjects, Health, and Environmental Protection
Statutes, acts, laws, and regulations related to scienti c research and development involving activities resulting in a potential high-risk and negative impact on human health and safety, the preservation of the environment and other living systems are governed by UU. No. 18 2002 on the National System of Research Development and the Application of Science and Technology, Article 30(2) and Article 22(2).
This is further de ned by PP No. 48 2009, Article 22(3) UU No. 18/2002 on the requirements of such permits and by PP No.8 2012 on what constitutes such activities considered to be a potential high-risk of negative impact and the governmental organization authorized to give such permits. Grantee will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits prior to the start of the proposed research activity.
A. Activities Related to Biomedical Research
Please check appropriate box if the following is used in the proposed research (ONE OR BOTH BOXES):
Human Subjects Vertebrate Animals
If both or either of the above subjects are used, please state:
• possible ethical consideration;
• potential risk and/or negative impact on human health and safety;
• potential risk and/or negative impact on the preservation of the environment and other living systems. Character Limit: 2500
DIPI PROPOSAL APPLIcATION FORM DIPI MANUAL GRANT 2016 17 B. Use of Human Subjects on Proposed Research
I. Previous Experiments
If the study involves the use of humans subjects, have experiments been conducted on animals previously? If not, please explain why humans are used as initial subjects for the study. Character Limit: 1000
II. Negative Impacts
Please list potential direct or indirect negative impacts. This includes methods of intervention where possible negative impacts are foreseen.
Character Limit: 1000
III. Duration
Please describe the length of time the human subjects will be involved in the study. Character Limit: 1000
IV. consent
Explain your plan for obtaining consent. If the subjects are informed verbally without written consent, or if they are unable to give their consent, please provide a justi cation and explain the tracking system to be implemented in order to protect the subjects.
Character Limit: 1500
V. Damages
can subjects sue for damages? If yes, what would be the amount of the compensation (in IDR)? Character Limit: 500
VI. Will The Human Subject Be Insured? (check ONE BOX ONLY)
Applicants may request up to IDR 1.5B (or approximately US$100K) per year for up to 3 years. This can include: I. Equipment Rental/Use Fee, Materials, Supplies and consumables, II. Salaries and Stipends of Principal Investigators, co-Investigators research assistants/technicians, Research Sta Wages, III. Travel Expenses related to sampling of material(s)/data, training and other skills and education capacity-building IV. Other Direct costs includes computing and Technical Data Infrastructure, Publication costs, Workshops and conferences, Facilities and Other resources, Intellectual Property Registration and Processing, V. Overhead.
Budget Form
Provide an itemized budget for the project using the budget form provided.
Projects may last no more than three years, and proposals for multi-year projects must provide annual budgets separately detailing the expected costs for each year. Value for the investment will be an important consideration in proposal evaluation and selection, so all costs should be reasonable and necessary. If your project involves more than one institution in Indonesia, please prepare a separate budget table for each,
so that it is clear what funds each institution

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