answer the following questions separately please

1. For each of the characters described below, what types of informative speeches might each person be called upon to give in her or his personal and professional life? List 4 examples for each.

A. Stacy is an emergency room physician and medical school professor. She also serves on the board of directors for a local college. For recreation she enjoys rock climbing.

B. Rick is an animal control officer who volunteers his time at both the animal shelter and the local Habitat for Humanity group. He is in a bowling league with other city employees.

C. Akiko is in insurance sales and volunteers in the math classroom at her children’s middle school. As a hobby, she collects and sells antiques

In a separate paragraph:

Develop a list of ten potential speech topics. For each topic, think of a setting in which a speech on that topic might be delivered. Next, determine what type(s) of delivery (manuscript, memorized, impromptu, extemporaneous) would be most appropriate for the topic and setting.

In a separate paragraph:

Other than slides, list three types of visual aids that can be used in a presentation and give an example of each.

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