Answer what additional resources or talent would make her proposal even stronger

The answers should be 3 to 4 senates for each questions.

Question 4

Heather Evans case

4-A What are the strengths and weakness of her business plan ?

4-B what additional resources or talent would make her proposal even stronger ?

4-C would you invest in her business?

4-D what do you think will be her biggest challenge?

Case is attached

Questions 5

personal adjustment for cultural accommodation

This semester you had the opportunity to develop a relationship with someone from another culture. On the last day during the cultural encounter exercise , you will hear about the cross- cultural experiences of classmates . given the need for cultural adjustment what changes do you believe you should make in your conduct to better adjust to work effectively overseas? Discuss behavioral I adjustment a person should be willing to make in class culture dealings and describe your openness and readiness to make these adjustments. mention at least three interpersonal behavior adjustments and discribe when and how it is suitable for you to make them.

For this questions “”make something up I will attache my paper that i wrote about the person from the other culture”””

Questions 6

Answer the questions in thoughtful manner

Are you entrepreneur ? Why or why not?

if yes , in what field ? if yes but not now , When?

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