Anti-racism and our practice

Required Reading.

Corneau, S. &Stergiopoulos, V. 2012.More than being against it: Anti-racism and anti-oppression in mental health services.Transcultural Psychiatry. 49 (2): 261-282.

Kowal, E., Franklin, H. &Paradies, Y. 2013. Reflexive antiracism: A novel approach to diversity training. Ethnicities.13 (3): 316-337.

Pedersen, A.; Walker, I.; Paradies, Y. and Guerin, B. 2011. How to Cook Rice: A Review of Ingredients for Teaching anti- Prejudice. Australian Psychologist.46 (1): 55-63.

What forms of anti-racism could you pursue in your professional work with Aboriginal people? Give specific examples

What are some of the key understandings for effective ant-racism strategies?

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