APA NURSING paper on ethical/legal analysis o af scenario regarding legalization of marijuana for medicinal use (PRO)

RUBRIC (must address every bullet point)

· Statement of Issue:

o Present the issue you have chosen in the context of a realistic, hypothetical patient scenario.

§ ISSUE: legalization of marijuana for medicinal use

§ SCENARIO: The scenario will be of a person/patient with a medical disease (such as epilepsy or cancer) that lives in a state that does not allow the legalization of medicinal marijuana and thus this patient is forced to make a decision to move to a different state that does allow it, in order to obtain natural medicine. The ethical and legal dilemma the patient faces from being forced to take numerous medications with dangerous side effects to manage the disease because a person’s zip code controls what they are able to have access to.

· Ethical Analysis: Discuss the ethical issues created by the chosen topic as described in your case scenario.

o A. Include in your analysis: relevant provisions and interpretative statements from the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses

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