Appin European and Aboriginal Heritage Committee

Appin European and Aboriginal Heritage Committee
The assignment should focus on Bulli Seam Operations (BSO) coal mine environmental assessment and washery of BHP Billiton in Wollongang in Australia.
BSO was recently the subject of a major Environmental Impact Assessment. We will be looking at the EIA and the methods used in making the decision that followed.
The Appin European and Aboriginal Heritage Committee” is to provide a critique of the methods used in the Bulli Seam Operation (BSO) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). That critique should form part of a case your client wants you to present on their behalf to the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) as part of their public consultation process.
prepare a report that can be submitted to the PAC in support of your client??s case. It should set out your assessment of the methods used in the EIA (both conceptually and in application) and how your assessment aids your client??s case. Where you are critical of the methods used in the EIA, you will need to make suggestions in your report as to how the EIA could have been improved through the application of alternative methods or the improved application of the methods used.

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