Art History Final Assignment: Art Movement Expressionism (Essay Sample)

Refer to the topic of your presentation’s text, which was either from Hauser or Stokstad. Read the text again. Using a summary of your text, write up your presentation in form of an essay up to 5 pages (double-spaced, 12pt). Focus on a particular style, art movement, period. Describe its main characteristics. Refer to at least three artists/artworks that represent the discussed style, school, period, movement. Describe their social backgrounds, their particular features and outstanding aspects. Apply principles of form and content analysis (as discussed in the introduction lecture and Stokstad’s “Introductory Kit.”)
Note: If you midterm paper was on the same topic as your presentation, do not reuse the text of your midterm. Rather, expand and deepen your topic by adding new aspects to your research.

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