Art of Science of Supply Chain Management

Discussion: Art of Science of Supply Chain Management

We have discussed the art and science of Supply Chain Management throughout the course. Consider the need for professional development as a Supply Chain Manager. It is important to know what is available to develop professional growth and opportunities.

Visit the following sites and look through the programs and certifications available


The Institute for Supply Chain Management:

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals:

The American Society for Quality:

Project Management Institute:

NASBITE International:

After visiting and researching the available resources, respond to the following:

What types of material are available for you as a Supply Chain Professional?

What types of certification programs are available?

How do you plan on using this newly gained knowledge to grow personally and professionally within the industry?

Did any of the sites surprise you on what is available to you?

Respond to the questions above and develop a plan on how you plan to achieve success with this newly gained knowledge.

Initial response to the discussion questions must be 250–350 words in length

Use APA format for any quotations or citations you use to support your answers

Initial responses must have at least two sources – one source must be a peer-reviewed journal article; the other source can be from a trade journal or other source of your choosing

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