Article should be based on the professional scientific publication

Article should be based on the professional scientific publication. (attached)

1) summarize the journal in the style of a “Research News” article that you would see in a professional Journal such as Nature or Science. (summarize all of the sections but you don’t need to include every small detail of the subsections on pages 140, 141, 143-145. focus more on the science/mechanism of the section on “3.3. Human embryo editing and high off-target effects” on page 142). Conclusion must be very well written using the scientific terms/ genes used throughout the journal.

2) Provide frequent in-text citations, but the text of the article can be more conversational, and is intended to explain the science to non-specialists.

3) length of the article: ~3 pages

You can watch the following TED talk to get a general understanding of the topic…

Thank you

Posted: A Year Ago

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