As a leader in nursing, it is important to identify areas within your organization that may need to improve cultural competence and to develop the educational materials needed for this improvement.

For this assignment, you will consider CAM, traditional medicine, holistic health, and spirituality. You should focus on these concepts as they pertain to your population from the Windshield Survey assignment, but also in a broader sense. In the Capella library, look for recent research articles on these topics to use as resources in your assignment.

The final product of this assignment will be an educational presentation on CAM, traditional medicine, holistic health, and spirituality that can be used by all health care teams at the organization you evaluated in the Unit 5 assignment, Organizational Evaluation. How will you complete this task? Keep in mind that you have already evaluated the cultural competence of the organization as a whole.

For this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that clearly addresses the following:

Identify the topics you will cover in your educational plan.
Provide a list of resources your audience can use to further their understanding of CAM.
Explain why it is important for nurses and members of other health care teams to develop an understanding of CAM, traditional medicine, holistic health, and spirituality.
Examine any ethical, legal, and economic principles related to CAM, traditional medicine, holistic health, and spirituality.
Describe how these forms of health care can affect a plan of action for individuals and populations.

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