need help going over aleks chem questions
August 19, 2020
summarize the historical beginnings of the juvenile justice system
August 19, 2020

audio amplifier circuit revision 1

1-Please remove the parts in the introduction about classes (class a, class b, etc)

2-the Technical description does not include any of my circuits, but instead is something unrelated.

3-power supply and selection section

– has unrelated pictures

– has unrelated and wrong description

– please review instructions

4-analog controls circuit section

– there should be no inductors involved

– you can simply describe the circuit as as attached.

– the purpose of the analog circuit is {treble and bass and volume} only, just explain that.

5-amplitude amplifier circuit section

– does not need to include any “sum” stuff ar anything that followed it.

– please expand after removing the existing stuff.

6-current amplifier circuit section

– does not have anything to do with “bass”

– does not have anything to do with photodiodes

– simply describe the circuit as attached or ask me questions about the report if unsure.

7-design approach and methodology is entirely wrong, please stick by my documents and instructions or contact me if unclear.

8-please rewrite the conclusion and future work together after you have done the report.

I welcome any questions, any time you need. Thanks again.

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