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November 16, 2021
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November 16, 2021

Bachelor Thesis Topic Ideas:

bachelor thesis topic

Bachelor Thesis Topic Ideas: What to look for when choosing a topic for a bachelor thesis

bachelor thesis topicThe bachelor thesis is pending and with it the question: What should you actually write about? The right choice of the bachelor thesis topic is essential for the success of the degree because experience teaches: Unsuccessful bachelor theses usually fail on the wrong topic! With a few little tricks, however, every student can find the right material for a convincing degree.

The first stage: the subject

Many believe that the processing time only starts with the registration date. Officially this is correct, but a crucial phase is omitted:

The bachelor thesis topic finding

The subject rarely falls from the sky. The student has to take action himself and should allow a few weeks for his decision. A little persistence, a few discussions, and initial research are required. But the initiative is worth it: the more precisely and intensively you prepare, the easier it is to process it afterward.

In the beginning, there is an inconspicuous question: What actually is a topic in science? The answer: A precisely defined object that is to be examined with regard to a specific question. Sounds complicated, but the words “precise” and “concrete” are important. As long as there is still the feeling that the bachelor thesis should work on “something somehow”, the topic is not yet sufficiently clear.

So the goal of the first stage is not just to find a bachelor thesis topic in the form of a good-sounding title. Rather, at least the following three points should be clear:

  • Which item do I want to examine?
  • What question do I have about the subject?
  • How will I proceed to answer the question?

Five criteria for a sustainable bachelor thesis topic

One thing is fatal: If the chosen topic suddenly fails while you are working on it because it is not sustainable. To prevent this from happening, the following five criteria should be observed:

  1. Requirements: In most cases, it is up to the student which topic he would like to work on. Nevertheless, the current study regulations should be read carefully. Any existing guidelines regarding the choice of bachelor thesis topic must be taken into account.
  2. Motivation: If you suddenly lose interest in the bachelor thesis topic, the thesis becomes a painful ordeal. The student should therefore check carefully in advance what interests and inspires him! It can help to ask yourself which lecture or which internship was particularly exciting. It is also highly motivating if the bachelor thesis is seen as an opportunity to enter the job market. So if you already know in which area you want to work or research later, you should choose your topic accordingly.
  3. Relevance: The topic must also inspire others. Some students feel that they are only writing their papers for a good grade and archive. Perhaps this is also the case in many cases, but a different spirit is required during processing: “I write for my career and contribute to the development of my specialist field.” The supervisor can easily clarify: Where is the novelty value of the work and which gaps in knowledge are closed? Nothing is worse than saying: “It already exists.”
  4. Support:A bachelor thesis means to work on a scientific task independently. Nevertheless, good advice is required in many cases. Whether other students, the supervisor, or professional help from student homework – you shouldn’t be afraid to seek external support. It is important to find the right person with the supervisor. Of course, she has to be technically competent, but just as important is “a good connection”. It is less about sympathy and more about the supervisor’s interest in the student’s work. Do you get appointments? Is the content discussed? Or is the person just taciturnly dismissing them?
  5. Scope: The topic must be sufficiently productive and at the same time should not go beyond the scope of a bachelor thesis. It is therefore advisable to carry out an initial literature search before registering. Is the material enough for the required number of pages or does the topic need to be narrowed down further?

Come to the topic: write it down

Write it all down! Regardless of whether it is a crude idea, advice from a lecturer, or a source of literature – information on a piece of paper is not forgotten and helps to structure thoughts.

This can be very detailed and informal at the beginning. An extensive collection quickly arises in which things can be discarded or brought into context.

In the end, ideally, half a page should summarize what the bachelor thesis is about: A crisp title and a bullet-point or even formulated text. All of the above points are then addressed: working title, subject, issue, news value, and procedure. Incidentally, that is already the fine art of scientific writing: to present the topic completely and concisely at the same time. If you succeed in doing this, you have really found your topic and will make writing your bachelor thesis easier! 

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