Benefits of Telemedicine

Paper details
Use PubMed, Ovid, or other peer-reviewed literature database to identify a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 references, These references may be journal articles and/or books, and must be in English within the US or Europe, At least 7 of the references should be current (published within the last 3 years) and peer-reviewed. Paper should include an Introduction which should include a current state of the situation, problem statement and purpose statement. Methods should include a PRISMA diagram of the methods. Results should include references of each article and underneath it , write a paragraph (no more than 200 words ? use Word?s Word Count tool) that summarizes the central theme and scope of the book or article. Include the following:
The purpose of the work
A summary of its content
Identify (if possible) for what type of audience the work is written
Explain how this work supports or relates to your bibliography topic
Finally, identify any special or unique features about the material and/or point out strengths, weaknesses or biases (if any) in the material ?this is an analytical or critical annotation. Also it should include a conclusion and reference. I will also need a Zip file of all papers referenced.

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