Biology Current Event Article

Biology 101 Lecture Assignment #1 – Biology Current Event Article (25 points) This assignment is due in lecture on Thursday July 6th. Non-word-processed or late assignments will not be accepted. Provide the complete citation of the article at the end of the assignment. The total length should be between 1.5 to 2 pages double-spaced, Times 12-point font, standard margins, grammar and spelling- checked (no mechanical errors). Biology is constantly in the news. Find one current event article on some aspect of biology (genetic engineering, cloning, gene identification, new drugs to combat disease, species extinction or discoveries, impact of global warming on biological systems, etc.) I will consider the article you review current if it is published no earlier than 2016. The Hannon Library carries hard copies of newspapers and popular press magazines that you can look through. You may use an online news source but it must be the complete article and not a summary of an article. A good place to look is the science and health section of a newspaper (New York Times on Tuesday’s has an entire health and science section) or popular press magazine, like the National Geographic magazine. It is not necessary to find a scientific journal article. The assignment will be assessed on the following

1) The source (newspaper, magazine, online reference) and author(s) and date of the article is properly identified in your response. A hard copy of the article or a URL (link to the article online) is included (3 pts)

2) The article is summarized in your own words and clearly states the article’s or the

author’s main claim or claims.(7 pts.)

3) The evidence (data, study, link to another study, etc.) the author used to support their claim(s) is provided (How did the author back up their claim) (5 pts.)

4) You address whether the article was well balanced meaning it presented more

than one point of view (give examples from the article) or whether it presented only one viewpoint. (the author was one-sided?) (3 pts.)

5) Your personal reaction to the main premise of the article is clearly articulated.

Your reaction must state if you agree or disagree with the author’s premise. Your reaction must explain why you think the topic of the article is important and relevant. (7 pts.)

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