Biology Homework Harriet’s case

Harriet gets into the trial but it doesn’t work

Harriet gets into the trial but she has a hard time and wants to quit

Harriet is turned down by the trial (reason: she is too old)

Her doctor refuses to send her name to the study

Her doctor doesn’t even tell her about the study

She finds out about the study and sends a letter to them herself

She finds out the doctor doing the study has a string of bad studies.

PART 2: Research and find TWO clinical trials going on NOW. Give the following information.

Condition and drug being tested, stage of the trial, # of people in the trial, where are they doing this?, is there a drug company involved?

PART 3: Not so long ago, a medical doctor did an interesting trial. He was a breast surgeon and wondered about 2 different treatments.

ONE: removal of affected breast and surrounding tissue (mastectomy)

TWO: removal of the area around the lump, and the lump itself, and test the cells to be sure he/she got all of the ca. (lumpectomy)

It turned out the results showed both treatments had similar successes.

After he published his findings, many, many breast surgeons recommended lumpectomies for their patients and the patients were happy because they avoided more extensive surgery.

Our Doctor became the expert on lumpectomies. This situation went on for 10 years.

Another group of specialists (oncologists) began worrying about their patients who had relapses after a lumpectomy. First thing they did was REREAD our doctor’s results, then they surveyed other doctors. They found he had faked his results in favor of lumpectomies.


Can patient’s with a recurrence of cancer sue? Why or why not?

What punishment should be given to our doctor?

Many women had to undergo MORE surgery to remove the entire breast.

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