biomedical engineering lab report

Please submit your lab reports here. The grading breakdown will be as follows:

1. Cover page (5 points)

2. Introduction (5 points): Brief introduction / overview of the lab with objectives and hypothesis.

2. Methods (10 points): Provide enough detail such that another student could repeat your experiment after reading your report. This section should also include equations used to calculate relevant values (if any).

3. Results (10 points): This section should include any charts, figures, or tables that you create using your data (within reason). Excess plots and tables can be placed in the appendix. Remember that graphics need to be explained in the text before appearing in the report.

4. Conclusions (10 points): What does the data suggest? How does this address your hypotheses? What (if any) were the limitations of the lab? What are your conclusions?

I will attached all the fails that you need and also a pic of how you should writ the report,make sure you have to make thre graphs

try your best plese

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