Business Communication Final Exam: Shangri-La Hotel (Essay Sample)


This case study will be used to evaluate your ability to understand your audience and purpose, as well as select the right approach. You will address a situation and write one concise, appropriate response. Be sure to use the strategies we have discussed in class. You will be evaluated on your tone, content, format and writing skills. The rubric for the exam follows the assignment instructions. Please use is as a guideline.


As the Head Pastry Chef for a popular Toronto hotel, you and two other employees attended an international hotel conference in Vancouver on May 4 and 5. You stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel because your company recommends that employees use this hotel chain.

Generally, your employees have loved their accommodations and the rates have been within your company’s budget. Now, however, you are unhappy with the charges you see on your company’s credit statement from the Shangri-La. When your company’s administrative assistant made the reservations, she was assured you would receive the weekend rate and that a hot breakfast – in the hotel restaurant– would be included in that rate. Being a bit of a food snob, you hate those “continental” breakfasts of stale sweet rolls and instant coffee, especially when you have to leave early and won’t get another meal until the afternoon.

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