Business Communication

It’s Midterm…Choose 2 of the following essays. Submit your midterm as one document. You can only upload once. Your responses should be 500 words per essay. Good luck!

You are the editor of a small e.newsletter. Your first week’s issue is due and you need to decide on a cover story. What to do! Your first thought should be: What should I write about? And, more…explain the steps you must take to know your reader, select the right subject matter, plan the writing process and any other relevant steps necessary to fit the message to your reader.
You just received a promotion at work and your first assignment is to give some bad news in the form of a personnel appraisal to a staff member, Mary April. She has been late to work for the past month, takes two-hour lunches and is rude to customers. You must put her on a 30-day counseling notice. Your boss asks you to draft the evaluation. What technique will you use in drafting the evaluation and why? Don’t forget to anticipate the reaction from Mary. Now, write a sample evaluation.
Explain the writing process based on your own experience. Then find two other sources that is alignment with our textbook authors’ theories and steps in writing. Cite and discuss your findings, making a case for your own individual writing planning process. What are the advantages?
What are some theoretical aspects of the communication process that really work in the real-world; and what are some that don’t really work in the real world. Explain at least 3 situations where the traditional communication model works and 3 situations where it doesn’t work. Create your own model. Explain your model. Have you used this model? What were some of your experiences?
Put the writing process into action by using the following techniques for writing about your first day of a new job that you remember.
A mind map
An outline
A narrative draft
Now, compare and contrast the three techniques. Which was most effective; which was least effective. Did you get to the same place? Why and how?

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