Business Strategy – Rained Out Oceanfront Wedding

Business Strategy – Rained Out Oceanfront Wedding
Please read my scenario “rough draft” regarding my personal management experience/scenario:

Under duress of upcoming holidays, we (myself and staff) are faced with an event planned six months prior. An oceanfront wedding that promises to be historic.

Weather permitting, the wedding is scheduled for June 5th. This wedding is substantially lucrative for the hotel. The cost of all services is ten thousand dollars. On the day of commencement the rain clouds roll in. Unfortunately the wedding is rained out, leaving the staff to accommodate the 400 guests inside.

Everyone panics, naturally. We need to accommodate guests immediately. My staff is allocated for this event. I have to consider the ramifications if the event goes wrong. My objective is to accommodate the party members and ensure that they will be accommodated. The scenario is horrific, but I believe it could still be memorable on a positive note.

My initial objectives:

1. Make sure that the wedding has closure.

2. Make sure that everyone is satisfied.

3. Relocation is considered.

4. Ceremonies are adequately accommodated

Now that you have read my rough draft scenario, I am asking assistance with the following:

Start by copying your BRIEF problem statement and objective – summarize the above initial quandary.

P.S. This content does not count for my 300 words requirement!

I need to build alternative courses of action for this business problem statement and utilize my objectives from last week’s discussion posting.

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