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Research paper on the scientist Marie Curie

Paper contents:

1. Abstract: summary if paper no more than 1/2 page

2. Introduction: a) provide a brief history on the selected topic; b) why did you pick the selected scientist

3. Selected scientist: a) era, historical importance of her work; b) details of experimental approach follow the scientific method approach; c) results from her experiments

4. Discussion: a) how her vision and work helped mankind and other scientists today

b) show any work that is currently been conducted in the area

5. Literature cited: a) list of all references cited in your research; b) Biographical style: a) just write the number of citation in text; b) number should match citations

Format of paper: 6-8 pages including reference page, 1 1/2 line spacing, font size 11 points

Minimum of 5 references, but no more than 2 of the references can be from the internet

No more than 40% of references form the internet

Along with paper i need powerpoint about the scientist. Content should include: bio, discussion on how her vision and work helped mankind and other scientists today, and also the scientific method: general question, hypothesis, experimental design, collecting data, analyzing data, interpretation, conclusion,write it up(notes along with all powerpoints) at least 8 slides with more than one point on it, power point has to be presented and videos is accepted in length of a minute

Power point has to be long enough to present for 13 minutes

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