case studies- medical health related


CASE STUDY 1: Cardiovascular

Answer each question in detail.  Please be very clear as to which case study and which question you are answering.  You should number your answers according to the case study questions.

Mr. J.L is a 62-year-old male who is scheduled to have coronary artery bypass surgery. His father died of a myocardial infarction (MI) at 65 years of age. Mr. J.L. has recently quit smoking. His cholesterol is 220 mg/dL with an HDL of 40 mg/dL. You are the nurse caring for Mr. J. L.

Critical Thinking Questions:

  • 1.  What will you do to prepare Mr. J.L. for surgery?
  • 2.  What assessments will you perform for Mr. J.L. when he is awaiting surgery?
  • 3.  What will be two priority nursing diagnoses in the postoperative period?
  • 4.  What are three key nursing interventions? Provide a rationale for each.
  • 5.  When he is transferred out of critical care, what complications will you monitor for Mr. J. L.?

CASE STUDY 2: Cardiovascular

On routine exam of an otherwise healthy 78-year-old man, you note a systolic murmur. 

Critical Thinking Questions:

1) What are the possible etiologies of this murmur?

2) What happens normally during systole and what could cause a murmur during systole?

3) What are the associated symptoms?

4) Describe how would you distinguish the differences between the patient having an aortic stenosis or mitral regurgitation?

5) How is a murmur diagnosed and how is it treated?

Discussion Board Grading Rubric

The original post should be approximately 200-300 total words. 

Please make sure that each answer has a complete APA reference from your textbook or other MPI materials and includes a page number.


Point Values

Fully met  8-10pts

Partially met 5-7pts

Not met 0-4pts


200-300 words

Post is original and answers the question using course textbook and shows nursing knowledge base. Student has responded to 2 classmates. 

Entry provides answers the question but does apply knowledge base as outlined in textbook

Entry does not answer the question and lacking information from text. Little or no nursing knowledge base.


Good grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

Entry has more than 2-3 grammatical and spelling errors.

Entry contains one or more serious grammatical and spelling problems.


APA reference of student text

Improper use of APA format  

Student cited text

No use of APA format and word count guidelines.

Use of online resource

Application to career

100-200 words

Application to career by specifying relevant Nursing interventions and patient education.

Student attempted to apply to career but did not correctly state relevant interventions or patient education

Answers are irrelevant to the issue in discussion. No interventions or patient education provided.

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