Case Study Reflection Assignment

Topic: Case Study Reflection Assignment
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Masters of Special Education course. For this assignment, the focus is all on families! You will learn about the importance of fostering productive partnerships between school personnel and families. In this assignment, you will take a close look at the ways families are either empowered or disenfranchised when it comes to participating in IEP meetings.
a course module overview with what this weeks material and content is about, expected outcomes and a list of the six assigned readings I have uploaded for you to read and review before you start the “Case Study Reflection Assignment”. I have also uploaded a detailed “Case Study Reflection Assignment” document that has all the paper requirements, instructions, guidelines and graded rubric to go by.
*Case Study Reflection Assignment*
assignment asks you to apply what you have learned through the readings and module content. You will be presented with a set of scenarios to analyze and reflect upon.
You are having your first IEP meeting with a new family. The records you have indicate that they are primarily Spanish-speaking, so you have arranged for a language interpreter. The father states that he understands some English. During the visit, he chooses to serve as the interpreter and relays the information, as he understands it, to his wife. As a result, you find yourself being misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misquoted by the father, and you are, therefore, unable to ensure that both the father and the mother are receiving accurate information. Holding the conversation in English seems to hold a special purpose to the father (adapted from Chen, Chan, Brekken, Lynch, & Valverde, 1993).
1.) What do you see as the problems in this case?
2.) What are some possible ideas for addressing or resolving the problems?
3.) What potential solution would you try and why?
You are going to have your first IEP meeting with a Russian family. The family members speak some English but are not fluent. You want the meeting to go well and to be a positive beginning to your partnership with the family.
1.) How will you plan and structure the meeting to accomplish your goals?
2.) What things should and should not take place during the meeting to accomplish your goals?
– Read each case or scenario, and then answer the questions that follow.
– Completed assignment, which should be approximately two double-spaced pages.
Collect data (Monthly data from Jan 2010 to Dec 2014) about the stock price of 3 multi-national companies (operating in the common sector in different markets for example, Ford, Geely, and Tata Motors). The 3 companies must operate in the same industry but in different countries. Use Yahoo Finance to obtain the data and use the closing stock price.
What you have to do?
Forecast the stock price using Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, and Naïve methods. Select the method that leads to the lowest Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD), Mean Square Error (MSE), and Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE). You must perform each forecasting method and then determine the MAD, the MSE, and the MAPE for each method. You must do this for each company. Make analyses of the factors that might influence why the chosen companies forecasts are different by relating the trends to socio-economic or global market factors that are relevant and supported by the business press.
Include the following sections into the project report:
INTRODUCTION – Explain the basics of the forecasting and purposes of the project
FORECASTING METHODS – Explain Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, and Naïve Methods one by one.
DATA – Show the data collected in a table for all the 3 companies
DATA ANALYSIS – Show all the 3 companies’ forecast prices and errors of all the 3 methods in three tables. If possible include charts for comparative analyses.
DISCUSSION – Discuss the findings of your analyses and explain the probable socio-economic or global factors that influence differences in the companies’ forecasts. In addition, discuss the usefulness of the project findings on formulating organizational plans.
Format you have to follow: Font size 12; Times New Roman; 1.5 line spacing.
Please show all data in excel file and upload it when completed. Show each company in a separate sheet.

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