change leadership

1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

As a change leader, you can be a positive influence on change and making change happen, strengthening your own career and professional capabilities.

Discuss the differences between managing change and leading change. What are the advantages of being a change leader?

2. Reply to the following classmates:


What are the advantages of being a change leader?

There are many advantages to change leadership. A group led by a flexible leader does well with crisis management. Whether a natural disaster occurs, or there is unexpected violence in the workplace, a change leader responds to the unexpected happenings in step and implements necessary measures to deal with the crisis. Another advantage of change leadership is that these leaders respond well to valuable input from workers or members of a group. If employees or members of a group see an area where change would advance their productivity, a change leader is ready to try a new way of doing things. Finally, change leadership is always ready to adjust focus to meet new demands, such as for a new product or service.

3. Reply to the following classmates:

The difference between being a change manager and a change leader are pronounced. The change leader is going to be a well spoken salesman of sorts, while the change manager is the more technical side of the change. A change manager is an individual who manages changes that are being implemented by others in the organization. This can be anything from safety to quality, but the changes were decided by someone else. A change leader is a very different role. As a change leader you provide the catalyst and inspiration for the changes you would like to see within the organization. It is your job to convince those in the organization that the changes you want to make are going to help make things more efficient, cost effective, drive better quality or safety. The change manager would be the one who would help oversee the details that the change leader had envisioned. All the little details of the changes have to be carefully thought and planned out to ensure they are implemented correctly. The change leader is put in the spotlight more than the manager, but ultimately will be the one responsible for something working or failing.

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