change management and implementation

1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

A project or initiative outcome can influence a group of people or organization.

Discuss change management. Why is the role of change management important in an organization?

2. Reply to the following classmate:

Change management is defined as “an umbrella term that covers all types of processes implemented to prepare and support organizational change.” These range from methodologies applied to resources, business processes, budget allocations and other operational aspects of a project.” (How to lead a Change management process). Change management is important because you need a method of organizing the change within a company or the company could fall apart from the inside out. There are three different kinds of change, individual, organizational, and enterprise.

Individual change is exactly how it sounds. Changing one or two individuals under your management sometimes requires having knowledge of psychology or neuroscience.

Organizational change happens within a company at the group level. Changing behaviors at a group level is effective at changing larger issues within a company.

Enterprise change involves the upper most leadership changing the entire company from the top down. This type of change is good at driving a cultural shift within the entire workforce. Changes at this level often have to do with safety, quality, and other high driving metrics that typically cost the company a lot of money.

3. Reply to the following classmate:

Change management can be defined as the systematic technique that is used when dealing with the transformation or the transition of an organization’s objectives, technologies, and processes.

The ultimate aim of change management is to execute strategies for achieving change, assisting individuals to adapt to change, and controlling individuals. These strategies comprise having a well structured procedure for seeking for change and the principles of providing feedback to requests and making follow ups.

To be successful, the change management process should take into account how replacement will affect processes, employees in the organization, and systems. There should be a mechanism for testing and planning the change, a method of communicating the change, a technique for executing and scheduling the change, and a criteria of evaluating its impacts.

Documentation is an important element of change management which is useful in maintaining audits trail and ensuring compliance with both internal controls and external controls.

Why is the role of change management important in an organization?

  • Since change is a process that is managed and planned, the change can be known before execution process thus it serves as motivators and evaluation of progress
  • Role of change management is important since it gives an organization a platform to respond effectively to consumers demands
  • The change management assist an organization in aligning its current resources
  • Change management is important to an organization since it enables an organization to evaluate the general effects of change
  • The role of change management is important since it allows an organization to implement the change without affecting its daily activities
  • The role of change management is important in an organization since it helps in reducing the time required to implement the change
  • The change management in an organization is beneficial since it assist in reducing the possibilities of ineffective or unsuccessful change
  • The role of change management is important in an organization since it helps employees feel supported when it comes to understanding the change hence boosting their performance
  • The role of change management in an organization is important since it provides a method of expecting challenges and responding to them efficiently

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