change participation and interest in your team events using Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model.

Write a plan to change participation and interest in your team events using Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model.

Introduction: Change in organizations can be slow, time-consuming and sometimes counterproductive. Unless it is done right, organizational change can be a nightmare for the management team and employees. Practical models can help organizations make smooth transitions from old to new. John Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model, for instance, is useful in focusing the energy of the organizational change process on desired goals and objectives.

Complete this project, to practice recognizing the drivers of change in organizations, and describe which practical tools are useful for managing change. You will apply what you’ve learned about the roles of managers, the skills they need to succeed within an organization and the steps in the strategic management process. You will also have the opportunity to practice making the different types of decisions managers make and describe communication skills and the factors affecting communication within an organization. Also, you will describe the change process and strategies for making changes in an organization.


A 1,000-word paper minimum
Activity Details

Perform the following steps:
Step 1: Read the scenario.

Read the following scenario for an introduction to the change situation with which you will be working.

Imagine that you are leading a team in your work organization or another organization where you volunteer. You have been struggling with indifference and low motivation and participation in your team’s work activities. You continually miss goals and objectives, and your manager has threatened to cut your budget significantly if you are unable to meet your team’s goals. Using Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model, create a plan to turn around your team’s motivation and participation.

Step 2: Select a topic/situation.

Think about your work or volunteer activities and describe a scenario that you can use as a topic to fit with the above introduction. You can tailor an actual situation to fit the scenario if you don’t recall one that is exactly a fit. Consider the following:

What kind of team are you leading?
What is the purpose of the team?
What are the goals of the team?
Provide a brief description of the scenario and project as it relates to the introduction to the assignment.
Step 3: Review lesson materials.

Step 4: Apply Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model.

Consider the following questions, which follow Kotter’s Eight Stages of Organizational Change:

How will you create a sense of urgency among your team members? How will you engage them logically and emotionally?
Do you have the right people onboard? Who else might you need?
What is your vision for the team project?
Do you have a robust communication plan?
Have you engaged a team of advocates outside of your team?
What small gains can you achieve to build momentum?
How will you continue the momentum?
What does success, or change, look like for your team? For your project? For your organization?
Step 5: Write a paper.

Write a 1,000-word paper that illustrates your plan to change motivation and participation in your team project, applying Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model. Include the following:

A brief description of the scenario and the specific team situation for which you are creating the plan.
Provide answers to the questions in step 2 above.
Apply Kotter’s Eight-Stage Change Model as described in step 4 above by answering all of the questions.

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