. Choose one component of the six QSEN competencies related to quality and safety in nursing practice

Nursing Informatics

a. Choose one component of the six QSEN competencies related to quality and safety in nursing practice.
b. Summarize and discuss the importance of integration of the competency in the delivery of care and its implications in nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research. You should address the competency definition in addition to the knowledge, skills, and attitude associated with the chosen competency.
c. Discuss how the competency could improve the working environment (e.g. safety, costs, or patient satisfaction).
d. The paper should include an introduction and conclusion. Your introduction must include a purpose statement.
e. When researching information you will need to credit your sources.
f. This paper requires the utilization of Level 1 and Level 2 headings (page 62 in APA Manual).
g. This assignment will be between 4-5 pages (excluding your title and reference page with a minimum of three (3) scholarly references one of which may be the QSEN website.
h. Submit your paper to Turnitin.com, and then revise according to feedback.

USE THIS WEBSITE AS A SOURCE http://nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/TableofContents/Vol-18-2013/No2-May-2013/Impact-of-Emerging-Technology.html#Huston

Go to http://qsen.org/competencies/pre-licensure-ksas/
Scroll all the way down, you will see Informatics. You have to pick a box for skills, knowledge and attitudes.

I also posted a sample of the paper from a previous student

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