Choosing Evaluating and Implementing Nursing Theory for Practice

Choosing Evaluating and Implementing Nursing Theory for Practice

Please read Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (3rd ed) by Parker M & Smith M 2010. The ASSIGNMENT is Chapters 8 through 22. I need at leastTHREE references (one

from the text and 2 outside text). Scholar and peer reviewed AFTER YEAR 2010. Thesis statement with summary and conclusion. Not too lengthy without citations AND page

number of the work cited please. My last paper was too lengthy without citation and page number.
Professional Development : (80 points)

Select a middle-range theory from your Parker and Smith textbook (Chapters 22-30). Critique the theory using the criterion-based (C-BaC) model presented in Chapter 8

of the Johnson and Webber textbook. Each of the eight criteria is worth 10 points, for a total of 80 points for this assignment. Use the shaded green boxes as a guide

for your critique.

This is JUST a SUMMARY of the assignment
Module 8 provided an overview of how to study, analyze, and evaluate nursing theory for use in nursing practice. Specifically, how nursing theory fits into the context

of nursing as a professional discipline, and how to approach its study and evaluation. The major reason for nursing theory is to improve nursing practice, and

therefore the health and quality of life of those we serve. Nurses embrace theories because they fit with their values and ways of thinking. They choose theories to

guide their practice when the theories help them to create a practice that is meaningful to them. Module 8 focuses on the selection, evaluation, and implementation of

theory for practice. Evaluation is coming to some judgment about value or worth based on criteria. A criterion-based model for examining the intent, concepts, and

propositions of theory was presented that result in making judgments about the usefulness of theory in nursing practice. The C-BaC model provides a foundation for

beginning exploration of theory and theoretical knowledge, by exploring eight essential elements. C-BaC includes components of more advanced models but limits the

examination to intent of the theory, concepts and propositions, and usefulness in practice. Observation, intuition, questioning, and comparing and contrasting are

intellectual skills that help build a theory-based practice.
As nurses progress along the continuum from novices to advanced beginners and competent practitioners, they become aware of sharpening traditional intellectual skills,

such as observing, questioning, and comparing and contrasting to improve nursing practice. Developing a strong knowledge base is essential to making pertinent

observations, asking crucial questions, and identifying and resolving appropriate problems. Theory and knowledge generated by research provide nurses with

opportunities to raise new questions and propose new ways of improving practice. The skills of observation, questioning, comparing, and contrasting will be useful in

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