cloud security 5

Topic: Cloud Security

Overview: The diagram below illustrates interaction between two cloud service consumers (A and B) and two virtual servers (A and B) hosted on a cloud.

For Diagram Refer Document

Need to cover these 3 Questions:

  • The three potential types of attacks. Describe three types of Attacks that could potentially be carried out if any of the programs outside of the cloud were malicious.
  • Justification of the potential threat(s) from each proposed attack. Summarize the potential threat that each type of attack poses to the consumer organizations.
  • The potential causes: Summarize the potential cause(s) of each type of attack and relate it back to the threat.


  • Need minimum 1000 words
    • Introduction – 250 words
    • Question 1 – 250 words
    • Question 2 – 250 words
    • Question 3 – 250 words
  • Need 5 APA References
  • Need Appendices if Applicable.
  • No plagiarism please
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