Coding & Billing -Medical

Please use correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation. EACH part should be between 2-4 pages not including title page and reference page. Overall response needs be formatted according to APA style.

Please explain why the following are important for medical billers and coder to understand:

Part 1

1. history and impact of health insurance on health care reimbursement process and recognize various types of health insurance coverage.

2. Being able to identify the key elements of a managed care contract and identify the role HIPAA plays in the health care industry.

3. Recognizing and being able to explain the different components of physician and hospital billing and differentiate between the two types of services.

Part 2

5. Identify the different components of TRICARE billing and different types of benefits available to active duty members, veterans, and their family members.

6. Understand the history of workers’ compensation and distinguish between federal workers’ compensation and state workers’ compensation.

7. Explain the importance of the Explanation of Benefits and Electronic Remittance Advice forms.

8. Understand the reimbursement follow-up, explain the appeals process for reimbursement, and identify refund guidelines.

Please include at least 3 scholarly articles within your response.

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