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August 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020

cognitive neuroscience assignment

Short 10 question assignments, 2 of them. I will attach the documents below!

Visual System

1. Describe two differences between rods and cones (1 point)

2. Use the figure below to help answer the following questions. (Note: There is a slideshow in the “Between the Retina and the Visual Cortex” section of Chapter 5 Part 1 that will be a helpful reference for this). (1 point each)


a) Nasal or temporal?: Light from the right visual field strikes the _____ half of the retina in the right eye.

b) Nasal or temporal?: Light from the right visual field strikes the _____ half of the retina in the left eye.

c) Nasal or temporal?: Information from the _____ half of the retina crosses to the other side of the brain at the optic chiasm.

d) Right or left?: Information from our right visual field will project to the _______ primary visual cortex.

3. To which part of the thalamus does most visual information project? (1 point)

Auditory System

1. Where is the cochlea located – in the outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear? (1 point)

2. Which specific cells in the cochlea transduce the sound signal into a chemical signal? (1 point)

3. Does sound information project to the brain contralaterally, ipsilaterally, or bilaterally? (1 point)

4. To which part of the thalamus does auditory information project? (1 point)


1. True False: An individual with visual agnosia can’t recognize objects because he/she can’t see the objects. (1 point)

2. Why would it be important to be able to create a “percept” in order to find the hidden duck in the image below? (1 point)


3. Would individuals with apperceptive agnosia be able to find the duck? (1 point)

4. Would individuals with associative agnosia be able to find the duck? (1 point)

5. What are some features that an individual with prosopagnosia could use to identify a person, since they can’t recognize faces? (2 points)

6. The ___________________ theory states that there is one single cell that is devoted to recognizing your grandmother. (1 point)

7. If the theory from question #6 above was correct, what do you think would happen if that single cell died? (1 point)

8. An individual with ___________________ can’t recognize the source of a sound if they hear a cell phone ringing. (1 point)

9. An individual with ___________________ would be unable to find their cell phone by touch if they were searching through a purse or backpack without looking. (1 point)

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