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August 15, 2020
August 15, 2020

Cognitive Processes Spring 2018

Written Assignment Scoring Rubric Prof. Freer

PSYC 3338—Cognitive Processes Spring 2018

APA format Total 10 points ________

Title Page 5 points _________

Reference Page 5 points _________

Restate the Research Question Total 15 points ________

What was known prior to this study? 5 points _________

What is the purpose of this study? 5 points _________

What are the hypotheses? 5 points _________

Explain the Research Method Total 10 points ________

Describe participants (who, how many, etc) 5 points _________

What did participants do? 5 points _________

Very Thoroughly Explain Findings Total 15 points ________

What are key findings of the study? 15 points _________

If the study has many findings,

report the 3 most important

Include your opinion Total 10 points ________

Why was study published (interesting, important)? 10 points ________

Examine/critique experiment Total 15 points ________

Was the experimental approach appropriate? 5 points _________

Were the statistics/analyses used appropriately? 5 points _________

What were the limitations of the study? 5 points _________

What future directions for research Total 20 points ________

What do the researchers suggest? 5 points _________

What do you want to know next (your opinion!!)? 10 points ________

How does the study connect to class content? 5 points _________

Bonus Total 5 points _________

Design the next study? 3 points _________

State your hypotheses for your study? 2 points _________

Appropriate Length Total 5 points _________

Final Score ________

You will receive a 0 on this assignment if you do NOT attach the research article

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