cohesiveness and diversity in a group

In this discussion we are talking about cohesiveness and diversity in a group. When I think about both of these pro football comes to mind. No greater cohesiveness than an NFL locker room to achieve one goal and that is winning the Super Bowl. The NFL season is grueling and teams are going to face some adversity through the whole season. Cohesiveness is the degree to which group members are attracted to each other and are motivated to stay in the group. Back to football (my apologies!) take my favorite team the Philadelphia Eagles, this past season they lost their best player to injury the quarterback Carson Wentz, their soon to be Hall of Famer left tackle Jason Peters, and numerous amount of key injuries on the team. They could of crumbled a normal team would have but they rallied and won the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback that is cohesiveness. With all the diversity they have on the team especially how NFL with players protesting which was a hot topic of conversation it did not affect the locker room and actually made them a much tighter group. One example I have about cohesiveness and diversity is when I was in film school and our final project was a group project of 7 of us the teach put us in random group ls I was in a group with a person who couldn’t speak English all that great, different races, and sex. We all banded together and did a 10 minute short film project which 10 minutes is a lot of planning and filming. We all had different ideas m, we argued, it was a disaster at first but the project turned out great and we got an A on it.


Organizational Behavior 13 Edition, Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge

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