college level writing response 200 300 words

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Better “What Doctors Owe” pp. 84-111, “The Doctors of the Death Chamber” pp. 130-153, , “On Fighting” pp. 154-166 and “The Bell Curve” pp. 201-230

  1. Choose one chapter to respond to in 200-300 words. Below are some guiding questions for each chapter.
  2. In 100 words or less, describe your best topic idea for the CP. Why does this topic interest you? How does it relate to health or human performance? Which of the library’s research strategies have you used so far?
  3. Once you have posted, respond to two other posts by either offering additional insight or making a suggestion. Please skip to the next if someone already has two responses.

What Doctors Owe

  • What is the central claim of this chapter? How has it changed the way you think about medicine?
  • In what way do the ideas in this chapter reflect your values or beliefs? In other words, do the ideas in this chapter resonate in a more general sense?

Doctors of the Death Chamber

  • What was your response to “Doctors of the Death Chamber?” Did it change the way you thought about anything?
  • What do you think about the following quote from the chapter (agree, disagree, why?):
    • “The real depressing thing is that if you don’t get to these people before the age of three of four or five, it’s not going to make any difference in what they do. They’ve struck out before they even started kindergarten. I don’t see [execution] as saying anything about that” (145).

On Fighting

  • What is the central claim in this chapter? How do you know? Choose the sentence that you consider to be the thesis or central idea.
  • Why is this chapter effective? (or ineffective?) How does Gawande draw his audience in to his argument? Pick one or two strategies he uses. How can you use them in your own writing?

The Bell Curve

  • In “The Bell Curve,” Gawande makes several claims about how we should improve health care. What is one of these claims?
  • What are the reasons behind the claim that you chose?
  • How might these reasons change if he were addressing the board of a hospital? How might the reasons change if he were addressing a government entity?

Any Chapter

  • You may also answer the following questions for any chapter:
    • What is effective about Gawande’s writing? Choose a specific passage (if it is longer than 4 lines, just summarize it and give the page number) and explain why it is effective. How might you incorporate this strategy in your own work?
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