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Conflict Experience Response Essay

The purpose of this essay (3-5 pages) is for you to analyze a specific conflict you have had or continue to have with a specific person.Your relationship to this person may be ongoing or in the past.You must incorporate course concepts and terminology from the text in your analysis and self-reflection.


Before writing: Think about the warm-up questions listed below before writing your essay.

Writing the paper: Consider the following questions as you write about the nature of your conflict, the role of power, individual styles, assessment, personal intervention, prevention, and possible solutions to your conflict.You may not need to answer every question in each section.Write your analysis in paragraph form, not as short answers to each question.The questions are only listed to help you frame your analysis.

After writing the first draft: Ask a classmate, friend, instructor, or some other third party to review your essay.Ask for suggestions about how to improve the paper or ways you might better manage the conflict.

Submitting the final draft: After gathering feedback from the third party, write your final draft.Be sure to include an introduction that previews the content of your paper and a conclusion that summarizes the major concepts and describes what you have learned from writing this essay.

Warm-Up Questions

Please give a brief description on your relationship with the other party.

Where and how did you two meet? How long have you known each other? What is the current nature of your relationship? Do or did you live together? How long? Did anyone else live with you? How would you describe your overall relationship? How would you describe your relationship now, compared to when you first met?

Nature of the Conflict

When did the conflict start? What caused it? Why did it occur?

Use a metaphor to describe your conflict.

Has the nature of this conflict changed over time? If so, how?

How do you feel about the conflict? How do you think the other person feels about the conflict?

How would you like to see it resolved? What are your goals? What do you think the other person thinks your goals are? Do you interfere (current or past) with what you think the other person’s goals are? If so, how? Does the other person interfere (current or past) with your goals? If so, how?

Are there others who have become involved in your conflict? Do others feel they need to take sides in this dispute? How did they influence your decisions and behaviors?

Has this conflict become destructive? Does it waver between constructive and destructive or does follow one type exclusively? Has it always been this way?


How much power do you feel you have?Do you think the other person has more power than you? Why or why not? How do you think your power affects the conflict? Do you think that the other will agree with you regarding who has the power?

What do you depend on from the other person? What does the other person depend on you for?


What individual conflict styles do you use?What tactics does the other person use?

How will you handle the conflict if it is not resolved?


How would you like to see your conflict resolved? Do you think it will be resolved this way? What do you think will happen to the relationship in the future?


Do you think this conflict could have been prevented? If so, how? How might future conflicts be prevented? What communication skills might help you better manage conflict in the future?

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