Community based-child and youth care

The article delves into the problems facing child and health care programs in its role in the developmental psychology upbringing of the juvenile global population cohort. Amongst the problems cited is the lack of proper training curriculum for the child and youth care professions that subsequently affect their competence and stability in facilitating the development psychology wellbeing of children and youths entrusted to both home and community based child and youth care organizations. The article also realizes a comprehensive and authoritative definition of child and health care organization as envisaged in the International Child and Youth Consortium. This definition features authoritative terminologies applied in the licensing of child and youth care organizations.

Amongst the emphasized premises in the definition of child and youth care facilities include the age group cohort under the child and youth umbrella who include infants, children and adolescents within a home or community context faced with dynamic environmental-ecological interaction in the course of their development. Child and youth care programs is then identified to involve promotion of optimal development in this population cohort through research, teaching, advocacy, supervision and administration of the child, the youth and the organization staff coupled with the synthetic manipulation of the child and youth psychological environment. The article also realizes the need for the review of the child and youth care curriculum from the expansive size of child and youth care organization spanning to more than 5.5 million children, youths and staffs.

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