Computational mathematics (MATLAB/SciLab

Assignment: Computational mathematics (MATLAB/SciLab)
Project description
Learning outcomes
The assignment should produce su????cient evidence for partial ful????llment of the following module learning outcomes:
1. Develop a program utilizing object oriented programming
2. Apply computer based techniques engineering problems
5. Write e????ective formal written reports.
Resources: MATLAB and MuPad and/or SciLab and MAXIMA all being available on the university networks.
Special requirements: provided on a one-to-one basis for candidates requiring these in speci????cally arranged surg- eries.
1 Background
It is probably obvious to most ????rst-year undergraduate students that any engineers most fundamental tool is mathematics. Nonetheless research within the school over in recent years has shown that from a teaching and learning (pedagogical) viewpoint the topic has become more and more di????cult for many students. Hence, engagement and ultimately attainment on particularly on mathematics modules in recent years has become increasingly problematic for students an sta???? alike. This ????rst assignment is very much an assessment for learning of many underlying mathematical principles which candidates are being exposed; principally employing the use of computational mathematical software such as MATLAB [1], MuPad, SciLab and MAXIMA.
Task 1:
Produce a set of full annotated MATLAB/SciLab script ????les and any MuPad/Maxima notebooks of the all of the workshops of the ????rst term. The comments within your scripts should attempt to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the any MATLAB/SciLab or MuPad/Maxima commands used.
Task 2:
Partake in up to four in classes quizzes to take place at the tutors discretion, comprising of computational solutions to problems detailed in the classic engineering mathematics text [2].
Task 3:
Write a short report (500-750 words) entitled. Computational mathematical software as a ????rst-year study aid.
With reference to selected codes (all of which should be included in the appendix of your report) re????ect on what math- ematical skills you have explored using the software and how its use has improved your mathematical skills. Comprising of four main sections, viz. Pre-report (Title-page, abstract and Table of contents) Introduction (incl. scope), Methods,
Discussion and Conclusion, your report should be written in the third party and the past-tense.

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